Reshaping DART Transit Services to Meet the Needs of Today and Beyond

DART Reimagined is a year-long statewide transit study led by Delaware Transit Corporation. The study will ultimately identify opportunities to reconfigure the bus network and future service plan to provide a more sustainable and equitable statewide transit system.

Through a comprehensive service review, the study will identify rider needs and challenges and present opportunities for service improvements and enhancements across the state of Delaware.

Collaboration with riders, the public, municipalities, businesses, county governments, and state agencies will play an integral part in the success of the DART Reimagined Transit Study. Our goal is to deliver recommendations for an improved transit system and service plan for the state of Delaware.

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Evaluate the current DART First State system

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Identify opportunities to improve the network, system, and future service plan

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Achieve an improved transit system

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DART Study Area and Services